Who we are

Mepi began to operate in the former Soviet Union market at the beginning of the 90s. With the opening onto the Soviet commerce, the potential of this new marketplace becomes obvious, creating a "shopping tour" structure, to meet the increasingly growing market in search of Italian style.

Over the years, it specialized in offering Italian brands and in 1998 opened the first showroom in Moscow, with the aim of following and managing growth in this country, starting to offer a wide range of commercial services and consultancy, to meet the needs of companies from small businesses through to large industrial groups.

Year after year, Mepi consolidates its leadership in distribution on the Russian market, specializing ever more in providing the most important Italian brands.

Thanks to its distribution capacity, Mepi invests resources to design and produce lines of accessories for different brands.

The company uses a Style Office that designs the accessories collection, interfacing with Maison and the production platforms, located in the Far East and in Europe.

The Group

Official Distribution

All brands distributed by Mepi are brands with a strong appeal, each with style and a solidly characterized proposal, which allows the customer a wide and immensely diversified amount of choice.

All the distributed brands are characterized by collections which compete when it comes to creativity and product quality, all top names.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes Mepi has always been to proffer itself as an open structure, ready to combine and tighten business partnerships, offering 360º global consulting services.




Drafting of Business Plans with evaluation of costs, time, methods and resources necessary for the realization of distribution projects, with an accurate analysis of the reference markets.



Realization on the Russian market of Representative Offices and Showrooms in appropriate commercial buildings


Administrative Juridical Management

Assistance, according to Russian legislation, with all legal and tax procedures. Entirely covering each of the bureaucratic formalities in the territory concerning transport, customs clearance of goods, product certifications, insurance and entry visas.

Management of logistics services in Italy

Management of all logistics services in Italy, making the most of having a warehouse and logistics services in the area, from which we take care of all the logistics to the final customers in the territory of the former Soviet Union ensuring quality control, division by customer, packaging, storage, palletization of goods, control and effective communication between the shipment from Italy, the management of all tax procedures for the export of goods and the management of International Couriers and Senders both by air and land.

Market Area

Operating areas:

Our distribution contracts include the following territories of the former Soviet Union:

- Russia

- Ukraine

- Belarus

 - Moldova

- Kazakhstan

- Uzbekistan

- Azerbajdzhan

- Armenia

- Turkmenistan

- Tajikistan

- Georgia

- Estonia

- Lithuania

- Latvia


On the other hand, when it comes to license contracts, Mepi, in addition to design and production, deals with Worldwide distribution.

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